Pow Wow – The Album

Pow Wow is a double album featuring the singing talents of Robert Hart and Emma Pears; and Bernie Marsden, Gary Grainger, Jay Stapley, and Wes McGhee on Guitar, Jimmy Copley on Drums, Simon Edwards on Bass and Percussion, Alan Stewart on Bass Clarinet and Sax, Simon Webb on keyboards and vocals, Steve Stapley, Stella Betton, Bernie Marsden and Kevin Short on backing vocals, Roddy Lorimer, Dave Plews, Paul Spong and Steve Sidwell on trumpets, Daniel Emond on French Horn, Pete Thoms, Roger Williams and Simon Wills on trombone, Bob Loveday on violin, and Lorelei King narrating. It was recorded and mixed by Ian Tompson at Humber Road Studio, and produced by Ian Tompson and Simon Webb.

The album is due for release in the Spring of 2014.

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

This Land Is My Land

Lakota Prayer

If you would like to pre-order your copy, please contact us on this form. We will be releasing CDs, vinyl, and mp3s.




3 thoughts on “Pow Wow – The Album

  1. Spider, It’s huge,and I can see a fantastic production, so visual. Cost millions I know but must be worth it to an adventurous producer. I would love to hear more of the music, any room for the ‘Great Tomato War’? I wish you all the luck you deserve. Cheers larry

  2. I LOVE what I have seen and heard. Get a CD out there man. I’ll pay money for that and so will others, I just know it!! You are representing our people well. Warm Winds and Sweet Waters

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